QSL is a key supply chain player in port terminal operations, stevedoring, marine services, logistics and transport throughout North America.

To become the North American industry leader.

Supporting the success of our customers, actively participating in the growth of the Canadian and US import and export markets and making a difference for our communities.



On a daily basis

Every day, our actions are guided by a sustainable development approach involving the greatest respect for social and environmental principles.



Specifically, in terms of environment, security, and health and safety, QSL is committed to:

  • Leadership_ Demonstrating leadership in meeting applicable requirements and standards by continually improving practices and performance;
  • Effectiveness_ Putting in place the most effective control methods to reduce risks and ensure the protection of our people, the environment and the communities;
  • Transparency_ Being transparent to our workers and communities by maintaining an open dialogue.

Fundamental Principles

To achieve this, we are implementing and optimizing a management system to better standardize our working methods at all levels of our organization. This system incorporates the following fundamental principles:

  • Planning_ With clear and precise procedures;
  • Efficiency_ Ensuring that these procedures translate into concrete actions for all workers during operations;
  • Authority_ Encouraging operators to adhere to the guidelines;
  • Continuity_ Demonstrating that the management system is part of a process of continuous improvement.

At QSL, we are aware that deploying in exceptional sites comes with great social and environmental responsibility. We can not just do it right, we have to be the best and constantly strive to surpass ourselves.

Above all, we are committed to continuous improvement with the goal of minimizing the impact of our marine operations on the environment, the health and safety of our people, and our communities.

Robert Bellisle, President and Chief Executive Officer

August 1st, 2022