QSL partners with the City of Sorel-Tracy to develop an industrial-port Zone in the St. Lawrence sector.

This agreement is the starting point for a vast industrial park project that includes the restoration of the site of the former Hydro-Québec thermal power plant, where QSL is developing and will be operating a port terminal. With the port terminal, the site will offer full intermodal transportation access, making it an attractive investment location 45 minutes from Montréal.


QSL in Sorel-Tracy


100% Quebec-based

A world-class company, 100% Quebec-based, specializing in the operation of marine terminals, stevedoring and transportation.

Since 1988

A contribution to the socio-economic vitality of Sorel-Tracy since 1988.

$75 M

invested in the Sorel-Tracy region since 2017, of which $21 M in 2021.

$57 M

in salaries and 192 jobs per year (FTE) over the last 5 years.

$25 M

invested since 2019 in its Sorel-Tracy facilities, of which $13 M with local suppliers to add infrastructure and purchase state-of-the-art equipment.


A sustainable development approach that offers the greatest respect for health and safety, maritime security and environmental protection.

The IP Zone Project


Restoration of the site of the former Hydro-Québec thermal power plant


Creation of 40 additional jobs


$20 M in additional investments over the next five years


Support of local purchasing for procurement and construction

Project Timeline


Phase 1  ‎✓ Completed

Multimodal handling area

  • Construction of a warehouse


$10 M


Phase 2   Pre-engineering stage

Port terminal

  • Construction of an innovative floating dock structure
    The use of a floating structure will minimize the impact on the marine environment.


$10 M

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

The first facilities of our new multi-modal handling terminal have been inaugurated!

These facilities mark the completion of Phase 1 of the project, which represents an investment of $10 million and has allowed QSL to reinject a significant portion of this money into the local economy by enlisting the expertise of local partners.

The second phase of the project consists of the installation of a floating dock structure from which material will be unloaded from ships and transported directly to the warehouse via a set of electric conveyors.

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MAY 27, 2021

Virtual conference

Virtual conference presented by the Sorel-Tracy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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