Denis Dupuis

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder

Over the years, Mr. Dupuis has made a considerable contribution to the maritime industry in Quebec and Canada. As an international entrepreneur, he has fulfilled big dreams and achieved his goals. Known and recognized throughout the global maritime network, he is now engaged in sharing his vast knowledge of the industry, which he continues to be as passionate about as he was at the beginning of his career. His passion for teaching, which led him to obtain an A certificate in the 1960s, is still very much alive and is expressed through memorable anecdotes that are based on both a high standard for facts and a love of people. These continue to be the origin of hundreds of alliances he’s made over the years. As well, Mr. Dupuis’ strong business sense is recognized by top management schools.

A native to the parish of Saint-Sauveur in Quebec City, Mr. Dupuis is an approachable and committed leader who shares the fruits of his success with the community through his involvement with several charitable organizations in support of health, culture, and those less fortunate. Eager to ensure the sustainability and growth of his company, he entrusted the presidency and daily management activities to Mr. Robert Bellisle in 2017. Mr. Dupuis now serves as Chairman of QSL’s Board of Directors. Since 2020, he has also chaired the General Stevedoring Council, an organization that is active on all continents with a renowned intercultural network of executive level industry experts. Today, the General Stevedoring Council proudly celebrates 50 years in service.