The British Army lands in Bécancour

March 4, 2016

Every year since the 1970’s, the British Army ships, from England to Canada, the military equipment needed to train its troops in Alberta.

Heavy artillery, explosives and the armament required for combat exercises are unloaded every year at the port of Bécancour, before being transported by rail to its final destination: Suffield, the largest military training area in the Commonwealth.

For many years, QSL has played an important role in handling equipment for the British Army. In 2004, a first ship of army explosives is unloaded at one of our terminals, Grande-Anse on the Saguenay River. In 2004-2005, Quebec Stevedoring receives heavy artillery for the first time at its Anse au Foulon terminal. The unloading then takes place in 2006 at the Port of Bécancour, where operations have been taking place smoothly since then. The special permit necessary for handling explosives, the proximity of the railway network, as well as the expertise of its workers make the Port of Bécancour the best port for the British Army.

We proudly received the video from TVA underlining the impressive operations that take place every year at the port of Bécancour. To watch the video:

→ Watch the video from TVA report  *content in french

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