Our numerous experts in engineering, IT and operational excellence constantly push back established standards by creating innovative solutions for our clients and partners.

We have developed high-performance technological tools that increase productivity, optimize logistics, improve work health and safety, facilitate communication and protect the environment.



The engineering department is a pillar of QSL. Our engineers work closely with our marketing, operations and environment departments to adapt equipment, develop technologies, improve work methods and customize infrastructures. This enables us to optimize our overall operations, adapt to specific cargo and protect our environment.

Our expertise covers:

  • Supply chain reengineering and optimization (loading, unloading, transshipment, warehousing)
  • Design and construction of infrastructure and warehousing facilities
  • Special hauling, handling and warehousing projects
  • Refurbishment of railways and docks
  • Custom equipment development
  • Conversion of existing infrastructure into profit centers
  • Value-added additional services such as residue and by-product management

– Tracking Cargo

TC3 is a real-time inventory management tool developed by our Information Technology experts and offered exclusively to our clients and partners.

This custom-made software enables you to check the location of your cargoes via a secured Internet access dynamically and in real time, effectively giving you constant access to your inventory in all the ports of our network, as well as providing you with full reports.


Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is an innovative software developed by our IT department. It enables an efficient management of the products stored through probability simulation, scenario forecasting and information sharing with all implicated agents, maritime personnel and clients prior to docking.


REAC Application

REAC, short for REport and ACtivities, is an exclusive operations management application that gives terminal supervisors and operators real-time access to all the data regarding their cargo, such as the statement of operations, toolbox meetings, pictures, videos and reports, for download and upload.



Telemetry has been implemented throughout our fleet of machinery and equipment. Combined with our Enterprise Resource Planning system and fully integrated with our business intelligence platform, this technology enables us to closely monitor our fleet of machinery and equipment across our network. This tool contributes to providing a safer working environment for our people, reducing our environmental footprint by lowering fuel consumption as well as optimizing operations.