“We are successful today because of the passion and determination of our people. From our headquarters and offices to the docks of our port facilities, and beyond to road and rail, we all express our dedication to QSL through our hard work and irreproachable service to our clients. Our thousands of employees, subsidiaries and partners all work at connecting the dots and bringing cargo seamlessly to its destination.”

Denis Dupuis

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder


“A tailor-made solution philosophy has always been in the DNA of QSL and I am very proud to see the company extend its services and bring our business relationships to a new level. Bringing value to our customers is exactly what QSL is all about.”

Robert Bellisle



Our Leadership

QSL’s management committee is composed of seasoned managers working together to deliver Tailor-Made Success across all our business divisions. We are proud to present our key management personnel.


Our Workforce

We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is why we recognize the value and input of each and every employee at QSL. We nurture a relationship built on trust, respect and appreciation that supports the synergies required to stimulate innovative ideas and deliver professional services in an ever-changing environment. This unique DNA made QSL the recipient of the Waterstone Most Admired Corporate CulturesTM Award since 2020, among other recognitions.


Our Partners

Our problem-solving culture fuels our ongoing desire to exceed expectations and partner with the best. We are proud of the many strategic alliances we have built over the years, continuously making our network greater and stronger.

Join Us

We strive to go above and beyond. Our close-knit teams work on a limitless playground where every day is out of the ordinary. Embrace a job that is larger than life and join us for a journey like no other!