QSL contributes to the growth of North American import and export markets while constantly broadening its service offerings to better serve the needs of its clients. As a long-time partner and key player in the handling and transshipping of ore, QSL has extended its services to include mill services. This also includes other value-added services, such as pellet screening and briquetting, a method designed to reduce landfill waste while lowering production costs. A great example of a circular economy.


Operations Optimization

Our extended experience in cargo management, storage and warehousing, and handling has led us to develop seamless handling and transit along supply chains, as well as in-house custom-made proprietary technology. This expertise benefits our clients daily and can also be implemented on their premises. Our experts can provide complete supply chain reengineering and optimization, thus converting existing infrastructure into profit centers. Our culture of thinking outside the box, combined with our expertise and technology, enables us to deliver Tailor-Made Success to all of our clients and partners.


Yard Management

These services include operation optimization and yard management. Optimizing space, eliminating double handling and ensuring seamless cargo management, while implementing sustainable solutions is in our DNA. Yard management services are at the core of our expertise and can be fully outsourced to our teams.

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