Through our distribution centers, we offer short- and long-term warehousing, maximizing the management of inland deliveries and cumulating cargoes for shipments by vessel. Our outdoor and indoor facilities play a key role in offering warehousing solutions to ensure uninterrupted overseas and inland resupply.


Outdoor Storage

With outdoor storage totaling over 75 million sq. ft (7 million sq. m) across its network, QSL can accommodate the most ambitious projects in America.



With warehouses equipped with the highest performing equipment such as gantry cranes, electric conveyors, climate controllers, loading docks, etc., we have the space and flexibility to meet all our clients’ requirements.

Should you need more space or have specific technical requirements, our engineering team will design and build it for you.


Inventory Management

Our TC3 system offers our clients customized access to their inventory in real time. Furthermore, it is compatible with other electronic data interchange platforms, saving our clients time and minimizing risk.


Container Stuffing

Our labor force has the ability and training to perform careful and professional handling of all containerized goods. Optimizing space and properly securing the cargo into containers for water, rail or road shipments is one of the many services we master.



Each of our clients has specific standards to ensure proper crating of their goods. At QSL, we deliver crating services that meet the most demanding requirements.


Container Maintenance

At QSL, we believe that a strong maintenance program is the key to supporting a client’s container fleet. Our welders and electricians can provide servicing for all types of repairs, to get your containers back in rotation as quick as possible.



Whether it’s last leg delivery or repositioning empty containers, we have the right equipment and resources to meet our client’s container delivery needs.

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