QSL envisions its mission as being conducted within a sustainable development approach governed with the greatest respect for health and safety, marine security, and the environment (HSSE). These founding principles are a priority and are conveyed through each of our core values.

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Culture and Governance

Governance excellence is at the core of our sustainable business model. Our strategy is built on our values.

“For QSL, it is important to build relationships with communities where we are present. If a project does not create value for all stakeholders, then it fails our value test and we discard it.” – Robert Bellisle, President and CEO

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Health and Safety

It is our utmost priority to take care and protect the men and women who are part of our organization and help make QSL an industry leader.

As part of our effort to continuously improve health and safety at all levels, we have implemented an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system that standardizes work processes and provides guidelines and protocols for our managers and employees, in order to make these principles cornerstones of QSL. We are also currently implementing ISO 45001.



Environmental Sustainability

We know that operating at exceptional sites and at such a scale comes with considerable responsibility.

Doing a good job isn’t enough; we want to have a positive impact and legacy.

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Sustainable Development Policy

We are currently implementing ISO 14001.


Community Involvement

Being a good corporate citizen is a core value for QSL. We care about the relationships we nurture with the members of the communities in which we operate, and we are engaged in a continuous improvement process in order to remain not only a leader in the industry, but also a good neighbor. Being part of a community implies favoring local procurement, supporting local initiatives and not-for-profit organizations that share QSL values.

As a responsible corporate citizen, QSL recognizes the importance of commitment by participating both financially and through the involvement of our employees in causes that correspond to our values. We find that supported organizations help contribute to creating a better quality of life for all.


Marine Security

QSL is a key link of the logistic chain in North America, and maritime security is at the heart of all our activities. We comply with the Marine Transportation Security Regulations, and have implemented the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code across our entire network.

By upholding recognized security measures, protecting the people and cargo transiting on our terminals, and helping prevent illegal activities and terrorism by collaborating in total transparency with governing authorities, we actively contribute to the security of our ports and the neighboring communities they operate in.


Economic Contribution

With thousands of employees working in Canada and the United States, QSL’s economic footprint is impressive.

The presence of port facilities is an important asset to any region, as the economic benefits they bring to local businesses, contractors and citizens contribute to their social and economic prosperity.

QSL participates in the support and development of its business communities through the presence of its leaders in regional, provincial, national and international organizations and associations.


QSL Secures Support

We believe that success is meant to be shared, and that fortune is measured in the ability to give back.

QSL Secures Support is an annual philanthropic event held in support of causes or organizations in communities where QSL operates and that are active in the cultural, sporting, health or youth sectors.

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Proud Participant of the United Nations Global Compact

As the first Canadian maritime company to adhere to the United Nations Global Compact, we are setting the pace with our continued commitment to sustainable development.

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Sustainable Leadership

Through its President and CEO Robert Bellisle, QSL participated in the 12th UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study.

Conducted among executives from 128 countries, this study is the world’s largest research initiative on sustainable leadership.

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