A beautiful story in the maritime industry

June 20, 2019

On June 6th, at our Sorel-Tracy maritime terminal, QSL unloaded an impressive cargo ship whose holds include a TARGA boat called “Indigo Reef”.

Our communication and operations teams were on site together with Suzanne Bleau-Myrand, Senior Director, Marketing at FEDNAV and Richard Sears, President of the Mingan Islands Cetaceans Study.

The video created seduced all the maritime community and has been abundantly shared on social media.

Behind this operation, a great story: The Mingan Islands Cetaceans Study, founded by Dr. Richard Sears forty years ago, is dedicated to the research on marine mammals, especially blue whales. Mr. Sears worked with a Finnish environmental writer and expert who put him in touch with a TARGA boat manufacturer. The company and several other friends (Volvo, Botnia, Fednav, QSL, and many others) joined hands to make it possible for Mr. Sears to acquire this vessel for research. This boat will enable him to stay off longer periods and thus cover a larger area in order to emancipate the scope of his research.

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