It is of paramount importance that all maritime, land and rail operations conducted by QSL, its subsidiaries or its partners be accomplished with minimal environmental impact. This is why our environmental management system is integrated into QSL’s daily operations and is of concern to everyone throughout the company.

Committed to continuously improve our environment performance

As part of our sustainable development efforts, we implement innovative measures to mitigate impacts, protect the environment and ensure harmonious cohabitation with surrounding communities. And if there are no available solutions, we partner with the best to develop them.

Among the measures implemented over time, there are water cannons, a complete water treatment system, a full network of electric conveyors, local procurement and production of equipment, a weather station, white noise backup alarms, citizens committees, a circular economy philosophy and approach, development of new technology and telemetry.

We are committed to leaving a legacy to be proud of.


All our terminals are Green Marine certified.


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