Les Mercuriades 2022 – QSL wins the OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Award

May 3, 2022
↑ Claudine Couture-Trudel, Vice President, Strategy and Public Affairs, QSL, upon receiving the award at the Mercuriades gala.

The leadership of QSL and its employees in occupational health and safety recognized during les Mercuriades.

QSL is proud to have been recognized for the excellence of its occupational health and safety practices during the most prestigious business competition in Quebec, Les Mercuriades. QSL’s “near miss” disclosure campaign stood out among cutting-edge workplace accident prevention strategies, and the company was named Grand Prize Winner at a gala evening hosted by the Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce on May 2.

As part of the annual health and safety awareness campaign, QSL work teams have developed a strategy aimed at making reports of “near miss” and dangerous behavior more accessible. A QR code now allows anyone who witnesses one of these events to complete and submit a report in just a few minutes, with a cell phone.

The launch of this tool was accompanied by an extensive communication campaign throughout the QSL network, aimed at making employees aware of the importance of these declarations, training them to identify problematic situations and to use the QR code to report them.

QSL employees quickly adopted the tool, which multiplied the identification of prevention opportunities. Each report enables corrective measures to be put in place quickly and thus prevents incidents and accidents.

« We are doubly honored to be named Grand Prize Winner 2022 since this award highlights both the innovative spirit of our teams and the importance that everyone at QSL gives to accident prevention. This is the way of doing things at QSL: we encourage our employees to participate very concretely in the improvement of our practices and our activities by being innovative. »
Robert Bellisle, President and CEO of QSL

Congratulations to all the teams involved and thank you to our people in the field who contribute every day to improving our health and safety practices!


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