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May 8, 2023

A very special lifting operation took place this morning at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City.

Our teams of experts were on site to perform the lifting of the two largest collection pieces to enter the Musée de la civilisation since its opening.

We are very pleased to have taken part in this historic operation together with the Musée de la civilisation, our headquarters’ neighbor in Quebec City, an innovative cultural institution that is highly appreciated by Quebecers and visitors from around the world.

Another creative demonstration of Tailor-Made SuccessTM.


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May 8, 2023

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PRESS RELEASE (Translated from the original)
May 8, 2023
Quebec City, Quebec
From : Musée de la civilisation



Québec City, Monday, May 8, 2023 –

This morning, on the occasion of its 35th anniversary, the Musée de la civilisation welcomed two of the most impressive collection objects ever to enter its walls: a ceremonial hearse from the Cécile and Robert Lépine donation and part of the remains associated with the palisaded rampart of Beaucours, discovered in 2018. These two pieces, both of which have benefited from the expertise of the conservators at the Centre de conservation du Québec, will be part of the future permanent exhibition on Quebec, which will open in the spring of 2024.

Since the room dedicated to this exhibition is located on the upper floor of the building and the objects cannot be moved via the freight elevator, the Museum’s team called upon QSL, a company specializing in the meticulous handling of merchandise, mainly in the maritime industry. After removing part of the glass balustrade of the upper walkway and installing two lifting devices side by side, the two soles associated with the palisaded rampart of Beaucours were first lifted, well protected from the dust by an envelope. Afterwards, it was the turn of the ceremonial hearse, whose wheels were removed a few days ago, to be placed on a platform to facilitate its transport to the Museum hall.


« Despite the challenges of bringing in these two exceptional pieces, we wanted them to be featured in our upcoming permanent exhibition on Quebec. Never before exhibited, they shed light on intriguing and fascinating aspects of our history and contribute to the development of historical and scientific knowledge thanks to the work of archaeologists and restoration specialists. » Stéphan La Roche, President and CEO

« Deeply engaged in our community, it was only natural for QSL to support our neighbor in an operation that is as delicate as it is important for the development of this unique heritage. Our teams demonstrated innovation and exceptional operational agility to carry out this spectacular operation for the public… but rather simple in our daily reality where the “out of the ordinary” is part of the definition of a task. Moving huge loads from one place to another with meticulousness and precision, we do that every day at QSL. Adapting our lifting machinery to fit inside the museum is a perfect example of our promise: tailor-made success. » Steve Quenneville, Vice President, Western and Central Quebec, QSL

Key facts
  • The ceremonial hearse was designed in 1900 by Adélard Lépine (1871-1945), a cabinetmaker, chiseller and designer and grandson of the founder of the Maison Lépine. Its manufacture, completed in 1901, required the services of six 19th-century Quebec artisans (coachbuilder, wheelwright, draftsman, gilder, goldsmith, sculptor).

Dimensions: Length: 6.09 meters – Width: 2.38 meters – Height: 4.26 meters with the cross

Weight : 1 621.6 kg (3 575 pounds) without ornaments (curtains, cross, lanterns on the roof)

Until 1955, it was regularly used for funerals of public, political and religious figures in Quebec. Thereafter, its use became much more rare. One of its last uses was on August 8, 1973 for the state funeral of the Prime Minister of Canada, the Honorable Louis Saint-Laurent.

Before being integrated into the exhibition hall, the hearse will be installed under a transparent protective structure on the upper floor of the Musée de la civilisation. This will allow visitors to the national museum institution to admire, up close, the final restoration work it requires. This will take place from July 3 to 28, 2023, Monday to Friday, and during these demonstrations, there will be periods of discussion with the conservator.

  • The remnant associated with the palisaded rampart of Beaucours was discovered in 2018. It is composed of several soles (wooden posts) and these are the two longest that have entered the Museum. One measures 6.77 meters and the other 7.40 meters. These fragile pieces will remain protected from light and dust until they are displayed in 2024.

Having a strong potential of interpretation with regard to the history of the old city of Quebec and, incidentally, of Quebec itself, they will occupy a dedicated space at the end of the exhibition in order to highlight, in particular, the scientific approach that animates the archaeologists and the restoration specialists of the Centre de conservation du Québec. This is a great opportunity to measure the richness of Quebec’s archaeological heritage, to provide food for thought for the Museum’s various clientele and to weave links between the various statements raised by this 2018 discovery.

  • The future permanent exhibition will open its doors in May 2024. It will be the third reference exhibition on Quebec at the Musée de la civilisation. It follows the exhibition Time of the Quebecers (2004-2023) and Memories (1988-2003). It will focus on the theme of encounters through a diversity of perspectives.

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