Les Mercuriades 2022 – QSL finalist for the OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Award

March 25, 2022
↑ Jean-François Dupuis, Vice President, Compliance, QSL with the finalists’ trophy

For the second year in a row, we are very proud to be a finalist in the prestigious Les Mercuriades business competition.

This year, it is in the OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY category that we have made our mark. Our near misses reporting campaign stood out among the cutting-edge strategies in the prevention of workplace accidents.

To Keep Near Misses at a Safe Distance, I Report!

For our annual health and safety awareness campaign, our work teams have developed a strategy to make the reporting of near misses and unsafe behavior more accessible. A QR code now allows anyone who witnessed one of these events to fill out and submit a report, in just a few minutes, with a cell phone.

This tool was supported by an elaborate communication campaign throughout our network to raise awareness of the importance of these declarations and to train employees on how to identify these situations and how to use the new tool.

Our workers have quickly adopted this tool, which has multiplied the identification of prevention opportunities. Each declaration allows us to quickly implement corrective measures and thus prevent incidents and accidents.


Congratulations to all the teams involved and thank you to our people in the field who contribute every day to improving our health and safety practices!


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