The mayor of Sorel-Tracy visits our facilities in the industrial-port zone

January 27, 2023
↑ Maxime Fauteux, Terminal Manager, QSL / Patrick Péloquin, Mayor of Sorel-Tracy / Robert Bellisle, President and CEO, QSL / Claudine Couture-Trudel, Vice President, Compliance and Public Affairs, QSL


Our great project in the Sorel-Tracy IP zone (St. Lawrence sector), in partnership with the City of Sorel-Tracy, is progressing well. Phase 2 is underway and we are at the stage of conducting the project impact study in order to obtain the necessary authorizations and permits for the construction of the port terminal with its innovative floating dock structure.

The mayor of Sorel-Tracy, Patrick Péloquin, visited the multimodal handling area completed during the first phase of this project. With QSL’s President and CEO, Vice President, Compliance and Public Affairs, and Sorel-Tracy Terminal Manager, Mr. Péloquin was impressed by our huge warehouse that can accommodate up to 50,000 tons of fertilizer for use by nearby farmers.

This project is a concrete example of our commitment to the socio-economic development of the region, with investments of more than $20 million and the creation of 40 jobs, adding to the hundred or so already existing in our different facilities in Sorel-Tracy.

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